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Online applications forms - frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful for completing bank account applications online.

Getting started

On the Business Details page, complete your master agency number to link this new account to your existing master agency.

This is the first individual added in the 'Personal details' section of the application.

No, if you wish to open multiple accounts for the same customer at the same time you should complete an online application for each account type or, alternatively, download a paper application from the Cater Allen website.

System navigation

A progress bar is shown at the top of the online application to confirm where you are and how many sections are left to complete.

You and your clients have the option to 'Save and Exit' throughout the application. This enables you to come back into the application for up to 30 days.

To resume an application, click on the unique link received within your confirmation email.

Whether you have fully or partially completed the application on behalf of your client, after the 'Additional applicants' question, the application is emailed to your client to review the declaration, Data Protection statement and client acceptance questions.

Click the 'Save and send to client' button and complete the 'Intermediary Email address', 'Main applicant Email address', 'Main applicant surname', 'Main applicant postcode' and 'Main applicant Date of Birth' to send it to your client for them to complete their parts of the application form.

You will receive an email back to say that the client has confirmed their application with a unique link to access the application.

No, once the application is back from the client you will now see the questions & answers in plain text format so that you can no longer edit the fields that your customer has confirmed.

You then complete the final remaining questions about yourselves before submitting the application.

Yes, once submitted, you will be shown a reference number on screen that you can use in any discussions with us.

Completing the online application – Intermediaries

Yes, if you need support, click the 'i' button and it will display contextual help.

No, the form is intuitive so will only ask questions depending on previous information selected.

We only require additional details for each country if international trade is a feature. Multiple countries can be added. If you are trading within the UK, we only require details of who the business is aimed at. Examples are shown to give an idea of what to complete in this field.

Yes, your client should review all the information that has been entered, correct anything that has been input incorrectly and/or complete any mandatory missing fields. Any mandatory boxes not completed will come up with an error message confirming that this box needs to be filled in.

No, your client simply types their name in the 'Client full name' box in the Confirm application section.

Completing the online application - Clients

They will receive an email with a unique link to access their application.

Your client will need to confirm 'Main applicants name', 'Main applicants email', 'Main applicants Post Code' and 'Main applicants Date of Birth'.

Yes, if your client needs support, they should click the 'i' button and it will display contextual help.

The client agrees to the regulatory wording, accepts the terms and conditions and then sends the application back to you for submission.

Both you and your client will receive an email confirming the application has been submitted.


No, if you are an FCA regulated business you can confirm you have seen and verified your clients identification.

Your intermediary submission confirmation email will contain the unique link for customer identification documents to be uploaded if required.

No, the customer identification does not need to be certified.

Documents need to be in JPEG or PNG to be successfully uploaded. PDF's are not accepted.

Confirmation will appear confirming the file has been successfully uploaded and an email confirmation will be sent to you.

What happens next?

Your client will receive a letter through the post. You can also view the new account number via the Intermediary Portal (if registered) once the account is opened.

Welcome letters and information packs will be sent out by post once the account has been opened.

Cards will be automatically issued where eligible.

No, cheque books and paying-in books will need to be requested if required. This can be done via internet banking or by calling the contact centre.