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Criminals can use fake cheques to steal your money.

 Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Don't accept a cheque, banker's draft or corporate cheque from someone unless you know and trust them.
  • Be wary when accepting a high-value cheque. For example if you are selling a car, ask to be paid by a more secure payment like a bank transfer.
  • Keep your chequebook in a safe place. Always report any missing cheques to your bank straight away. Make sure you check your bank statements thoroughly.
  • Never pre-sign blank cheques. When you write a cheque, be sure to complete all sections, including the payee name, and the amount in both words and figures.
  • To help prevent fraudulent alteration leave as little blank space as possible, if necessary by drawing a line through unused spaces. Include the word 'only' after writing the amount in words.