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Sim swapping

SIM swapping happens when a criminals gets your mobile phone provider to issue a new SIM card.

Once they get the new SIM they can access mobile banking messages. Your SIM card is deactivated and the messages are sent to the criminals device. A lot of the time the details needed about your mobile phone have been disclosed using phishing.

Santander/Cater Allen have developed award-winning SIM swapping detection technology. However you still need to be aware of any issues with your mobile phone which could be related to SIM swapping.

The warning signs are:

  • getting an unexpected text message to say your SIM is transferring
  • losing connection for an unusual length of time in a place where you would normally have a connection
  • your phone showing the message 'invalid SIM' or 'no SIM'
  • if you think any of the above has happened with your phone, contact your mobile phone provider. Always use a number from their website.

How to protect yourself:

  • set a secure password with all phone service providers
  • dispose of your phone bills securely
  • use online bills instead of post where you can
  • keep your phone switched on at all times – this way you'll spot if it's not working.