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Account change - frequently asked questions

We're making changes to the range of accounts available to customers. Here are some FAQs (frequently asked questions) that may be helpful.

We're moving certain accounts to a different account type on 20 June 2024. We're doing this because some accounts are no longer available. So, we're moving your accounts to the nearest alternative product we have on sale.

The change will take place on 20 June 2024. You'll be notified of the date in your email or letter we've sent to you.

We're writing to affected customers in April. Those who are signed up for paper-free or have given us a valid email address, will get an email. Everyone else will get a letter.

These changes will bring customers into our on sale range of products, allowing us to provide clearer information around the characteristics of the accounts they have. The product range we offer to our customers will be more concise and easier to understand.

We're making the changes under section 13 of our terms and conditions. This allows us to change your account to another one in our range if we no longer offer your product.

We're sending all affected customers an email or letter, giving them at least 2 months' pre-notification of the changes. We'll send an e-mail in the first instance and a letter, where we have no active e-mail address.

No, your account number and sort code will stay the same. So will your security details.

No, these will be moved over and won't be impacted by these changes.

Yes, all customers moved will receive interest in line with the new product interest rates. Visit our website for more information on the interest rates.

Yes, some statement dates will be affected. You'll be notified of this in your email or letter.

Yes, for relevant accounts some notice periods will change. You'll be notified of this in your email or letter.

Yes, currently in our off sale range of notice products, you can make one withdrawal a year without charge and without giving us notice. This applies when your balance is more than £5,000 and if the transaction is for less than £2,500. This feature isn't available on our new notice account products, Pension Notice 30 Account, Personal Notice 35 Account and Business Notice 35 Account.

If you want to use the account, you'll need to send us the information we've asked for. Your account will stay restricted until we get this.

If you don't accept the change, you can close your account without charge at any time before the change takes place. If you have a notice account, you can close it without the required notice with no early withdrawal fee.

Please call us to discuss your options if you're not happy with the change and we'll do our best to help.

If you have money in your account, you'll start earning interest as soon as the change happens.