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Financial abuse

What is financial abuse?

Financial abuse is when a person tries to control someone else's finances.

We know financial abuse can happen in daily life. Sometimes victims feel they can't talk to anyone about what's happening. It can happen in personal relationships, and other ways. Such as an elderly relative being forced into taking money out of their account.

Examples of financial abuse include:

  • stopping someone from getting into their own or joint account
  • stealing money from a spouse or family member
  • moving debts to a partner or family member's name
  • stopping someone from going to work
  • taking advantage of a vulnerable person, to take their money.

Get in touch with us

It takes courage to speak up. If you, or someone you know is going through this, call us on 0800 092 3300. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm, and we'll talk in total confidence. We'll work with you to help the best we can.

We have a leaflet on financial abuse (pdf) that you might find helpful. In it, there's information about charities and organisations who can help you. There's also advice on how to manage your money at this difficult time.

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