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Current account transaction history

We'll give you up to 5 years of transaction history when you close your account.

You can download 5 years of transaction history by:

  • logging in to Internet Banking
  • viewing your closed account
  • downloading your transactions.

If you're using our new Internet Banking system (or you don't use it), call us on 0800 092 3300.

If you want this information in another format, call us on the same number.

You can request this information for up to 5 years after the date of your account closure but in this case, we will only provide you with transaction history for the period when your account was open in the 5 years before your request.

We don't have to give you transaction history if:

  • transaction history has accessed online after the account closed
  • the current account has been closed because:
    • there was fraudulent or unlawful activity
    • the account holders retired, deceased, or impaired
    • the account holder or the account holder’s business went through bankruptcy, insolvency or liquidation
    • the account has been dormant for the past 5 years, with no transaction history.