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Statement of Fees

What is a statement of fees?

The statement of fees gives an overview of the fees and interest during the period the document covers. You can use the information to consider if the account is still right for you. The document should make it easier to compare current accounts between different providers.

What does it include?

The statement of fees gives an overview of the fees paid on a current account during the period shown. It includes fees for account services, payments, debit card use and any other services. It also tells you how much interest you have earned or paid during that time. If the fee or interest rate has changed during the period of the statement of fees you will see the different amounts shown.

When will we send it to you?

We'll send it to you annually.

Where else can you see fees associated with your account?

Our Banking tariff outlines the fees we charge.

Where else can you see your interest rates?

You can also see our interest rates on our interest rates page or in your account statements. Information on individual transactions and account balance can be found in your account statements.

Reading your statement of fees

Waived or reversed fees: If we've waived a fee before it's been charged, you'll be able to see it in 'Number of times the fee was charged' and 'Total'. If we've refunded a fee after it's been charged then you won't see it in the Statement of Fees, but you can find it on your statement for your account.

Euro and Dollar account customers: Where a Unit fee is shown in pounds, but the fee is shown in euros/dollars, the exchange rate applied will be as at the date the fee was charged.

No fees or charges on your statement of fees: We have a legal obligation to send this document to you once a year, even if your account hasn't incurred any fees or charges.

Detail of interest earned on the account: This table details the interest earned at each rate on your account within the given period. If the same rate is listed more than once, this is because there was an interest change and your balance moved between rate tiers. The applicable interest rates are listed in the document.