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Intermediary Portal

Our Intermediary Portal offers stronger security and a range of tools and features to enable you to service your account(s) and your customer portfolio online.

Intermediary access to customer accounts will be in accordance with the existing mandate held by Cater Allen for those customer(s).

Cater Allen will need to hold a valid mobile number for you to be able to use the new Intermediary Portal. This will be used to generate a One Time Passcode (OTP) at first log in and each time a transaction is requested. OTP is a regulatory requirement to ensure stronger authentication around transactions.

How to access the Intermediary Portal

To get access to our Intermediary Portal, please fill in this form:

You can return your completed form by post to:

Cater Allen Operations
SR43 4FB

Functionality available online Online channel (Intermediary Portal)
Portfolio Summary for all accounts held, managed and introduced (current accounts and deposits) and account details per account Yes
Customer and account search capability Yes
Ability to download reports Yes
Transaction listings (view and download transaction history on your account(s)) Yes
Making payments (internal, domestic and International) and settings up payees/beneficiaries Yes
Account statements (view and download statements for the past 12 months) Yes
Set-up bulk payments Yes
Bulk on-boarding Yes
Online transactions, validation and authorisation Yes
Set-up and manage standing orders Yes
Update personal details and change login details Yes
Secure messages Yes
Marketing and statement frequency preferences Yes

We have produced some 'How to' videos to assist you with some common tasks in the new Intermediary Portal.

View the videos